Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Read what some of Pam’s past clients have to say about their experience working with her:

Dr. Mr. Nasar,

I am writing to compliment your agent, Pam Ryan-Brye and to acknowledge her excellence and professionalism.  Pam assisted me in selling my Washington, DC condominium which closed on May 31.

Simply put, Pam exceeded my expectations in every way.  I chose to work with Pam because of her successful experience in my condominium building as well as the comprehensive presentation and information she provided me.  It was the best choice I could have made!  Pam’s expertise was displayed at every stage of the process from her staging suggestion to pricing recommendation and contract management.  She was calm and poised throughout the process and managed to keep my emotions on an even keel as well!

What astonished me the most was that Pam guided the process almost single-handedly and took all the responsibility for moving forward.  I was literally unavailable for large chunks of time either traveling in Asia or visiting in Florida.  I did not worry a second that any deadline would not be met or document not properly executed; Pam did it all.  It was so easy for me, I feel a little guilty about how much work she did!!

Pam has set the “Realtor bar” very high by establishing a superb level of experience, expertise and competence.  It was a pleasure to work with her; she made the selling experience as stress-free and successful as possible.  I am very grateful to Pam and ask that you forward my appreciation to her.  I can’t ‘sing her praises’ loudly enough.

Patricia Austin


Dear Pam,

I truly wonder just how one says THANK YOU to you for the extra-special service you gave us in our transaction!  Your constant updates, totally clear communications were much appreciated.  This sale had to be one of your most difficult, I am sure.  Not only were things complicated by our being out of the USA but with your having to deal with a most difficult buyer.  I cannot imagine anyone else doing all the things you had to contend with, with such a pleasant demeanor.  When things went wrong…so many twists and turns…we always felt secure with the transaction in your hands.

Darrell and Mel


Dear Pam,

When our family began our search for the “right” real estate agent to advise us, little did we know that what would surface would be a “guardian angel” to help guide us through a turbulent time for our family.

Yes, Pam, our “clan” owes you a debt of gratitude for all you did – for going the extra mile to be far more than just our real estate agent.  You stepped in and stepped up like a concierge service to share your rolodex of resources to meet our every need.

You were patient, professional, prompt and proficient as you provided the information and support we needed to make wise decisions under adverse and unanticipated circumstances.  Whether it was comparable listings or market analysis, contractors or landscapers, staging services or cleaning crews, you always had at your fingertips just what we needed, just when we needed it.

Many might say that the services you provided are what should be expected of any really good agent.  What separates and distinguishes you from the pack as a great agent is the way you go about your work.  You are a gentle giant – able to relieve heavy burdens.  And you did it in record time!

So Pam, I am writing on behalf of our clan to say that a simple “thank you” does not seem adequate for all that you did for us. We hope that you know that we are eternally grateful and consider you far more than our agent – we will forever call you our friend and an extension of our family.

Anne Palmer Moss


Dear Pam:

            I wanted to write you this unsolicited recommendation so you could pass it on to prospective clients.  I could not have been more pleased with your work.  You exhibited great judgment about my sale, knew Foggy Bottom very well, produced very professional advertising, and really helped me get the house in shape for showing.  Through all the steps, you were fully accessible, efficient, friendly, and wise.  I felt relaxed through the whole process and was delighted by the speed at which my house sold and closed – all thanks to you.  Best wishes for continuing success in your career.



Dear Sir,

Pam is a phenomenal real estate agent.  Her calm, confident demeanor helps to build the confidence needed to make significant real estate investment decisions.  Pam is experienced and very knowledgeable which was very helpful to my family as we made our first condo investment in a city where we had no prior exposure.  Pam is professional, trustworthy, and committed to her clients.  She listened to our concerns and guided us through the steps leading to a successful close.  Without hesitation, we would recommend Pam Ryan-Brye to a colleague or close friend.

Glenn Rogers