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Downsizing in DC

Downsizing to the DC Metro Area

Thinking of downsizing your home or retiring to the DC Metro area? Here's what you need to know about relocating to and buying a smaller home in our beautiful capital city metro area.

Affordable Homes for Sale in the DC Metro


Selling Your DC Metro Home?

Before you downsize, you probably have to sell your current home, right? If you're selling in the DC metro area, We'd love to help you out! Take a look at some of the resources we have to offer you... or just request your home value to see what it's worth.

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Why Downsize in the DC Metro Area?

Endless entertainment

There's always something happening in the DC metro area—concerts, theatrical performances, community events and celebrations, and more. Plus, the big-city fun of DC is never far from home.

Beautiful parks

The DC metro area is filled with thousands of acres of breathtakingly beautiful parkland and miles of scenic trails and pathways. It's the perfect spot for just about every kind of outdoor recreation.

Plentiful amenities

No matter where you decide to settle down, you probably won't have far to go to find everything you want and need, from conveniences to boutique shops to delicious local restaurants and eateries.

Tips for Downsizing Your Home

  • Declutter first: Before you even think of packing up and moving, consider what you'll be taking with you—and how much. Remember, downsizing typically means your home will be decreasing in size, so everything you own now likely won't fit into your new place.
  • Keep things you want, use, need, or like to look at: When downsizing your belongings, you might want to get rid of all the things you don't actively use, but doing so might take away some of the "home" from your house—and make it harder to adjust to a new place.
  • Don't save for others: It might be tempting to save keepsakes or memorabilia for kids or grandkids, but remember that items that hold value to you won't necessarily hold the same nostalgia for younger generations.
  • Give everything a designated spot: Before packing something up to take to your new (smaller) home, consider where it will go in the new place. If it doesn't have a spot in the house, it doesn't have a spot in the box.
  • Take pictures... and label: Taking pictures of your old home will help you keep the fond memories you've made throughout the years... just make sure you take some time to label these photos (and any older ones) to remember why you took them!
  • Pare down on paperwork: If you've lived in your house for a while, you have likely acquired a lot of paperwork over the years—and it might've been a while since you last went through it. Odds are, only a small portion of it needs to make the move to the new house.

DC Metro Area Attractions

Top Communities of the Metro DC Area

Downsizing to the DC area means finding the perfect spot to spend your golden years! Will you be in bustling Bethesda or charming Chevy Chase? A unique DC neighborhood like Foggy Bottom? Or somewhere else entirely? Come explore a few of our DC Metro favorites.


Just a stone's throw from DC, Bethesda, MD offers a lot to love—from gorgeous outdoor recreation to shopping and dining to world-renowned arts and culture.

Chevy Chase

Split between Maryland and DC, Chevy Chase is a charming and laid-back community filled with interesting attractions and fun things to do.

Washington, DC

As America's Capital City, DC is utterly filled with opportunities—for work, for play, and yes, for high-quality living. DC is particularly known for its eclectic collection of unique neighborhoods.

Ready to Downsize to DC?

If you're thinking of retiring to or downsizing in DC, We'd love to help! Contact us at any time and with any questions... We can't wait to help you find the perfect home for the retirement lifestyle of your dreams. And if you're selling first, We can certainly help with that, too.